Arab Information Center
Metabolic conditions: (PKU)
Layachi Chabraoui
Biochemistry Department, Children’s hospital of Rabat
Initiating a newborn hearing screening program in Morocco Razika
Bencheikh MD, PHD, Mohamed Kzadri MD,PHD Otolaryngology Head and Neck
Surgery Specialities Hospital IBN SINA University Hospital Rabat
Neonatal screening in Morocco Inventory and future prospect
Naima Lamdouar Bouazzaoui et collaborateurs Centre National de Référence en
Néonatologie, Médecine et réanimation néonatales Hôpital d’Enfants – Rabat
Strengthening Newborn Screening in the Middle East and North Africa
Education role of genetic centers: Moroccan experience
Pr. Abdelaziz sefiani MD, PhD Départment of Medical genetics, Institut National d’
Hygiène Rabat  
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