Genetic Diseases Studies in the Arab World
Arab Information Center
Genetic Disorders in Arabs
Ghazi Omar Tadmouri
Genetic Disorders among Arab Populations
Ahmed S. Teebi, Talaat I. Farag
Genetic Disorders
Ghazi Omar Tadmouri
Genetic Diversity among the Arabs
Ahmad S. Teebia, c, Saeed A. Teebib
Genetic disorders in the Arab world
Lihadh Al-Gazali, Hanan Hamamy and Shaikha Al-Arrayad
Prevention of Birth Defects: A view from WHO, Geneva
Dr Victor Boulyjenkov
Human Genetics (HGN) World Health Organization
Muscular dystrophies in Arab countries
Fayçal Hentati, MD
National Institut of Neurology Tunis - TUNISIA
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Health Biotechnology in the MENA Region
Pr  Dahmani M. Fathallah  
Institut Pasteur de Tunis-Tunisia
Population and Molecular Genetic Update
Ahmad S. Teebi and Rabah M. Shawky
jeans 4 genes