Aims and Learning Outcomes
Cardiff University has a longstanding international reputation for the development
and implementation of teaching human and clinical genetics.

The program is committed to providing an academic and vocational training of
genetic counseling, as well as contributing professional development. Although
the scientific aspects of human genetics, and research skills, are an important
aspect of the program, a particular emphasis is placed on a psychosocial approach
to genetic counseling practice. The program also seeks to promote a mixed
workforce by encouraging and accepting applicants from a wide range of academic
and professional backgrounds.

Program aims
•  To provide the academic and vocational training of professional genetic
counseling in Arab Sates and Developing Countries.
•  To equip professionals with the necessary skills to enable them to contribute to
the development of the genetic counseling profession
•  To promote an awareness of the importance of the psychosocial impact of human
genetic technology among patients, health and social care professionals, and the
wider society

Learning outcomes of the program

After successful completion of the course the participants will be able to:
Knowledge and understanding
•  Demonstrate knowledge of human genetics including mendelian and non-
mendelian mechanisms, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, and biochemical
•  Demonstrate knowledge of clinical genetics including inherited and multi-
factorial disorders, cancer genetics, genetic testing and screening including pre-
natal diagnosis
•  Show an awareness of the wider impact of disability on individuals and families
and the services available for these people
•  Demonstrate knowledge of the psychosocial aspects of human genetics including
family impact and cultural issues and the research evidence underpinning this
•  Demonstrate knowledge of psychological responses to the diagnosis of a genetic
condition or genetic termination of pregnancy and the theoretical and research
evidence underpinning this
•  Demonstrate an understanding of the professional code of ethics for genetics
counselors and its implications for practice and research
Practical skills
•  Establish an appropriate relationship with individuals/families attending the
genetic clinic and elicit their concerns
•  Elicit a medical, family, and psychosocial history from patients in the genetic
counseling clinic
•  Convey clinical and genetic information appropriate to individual clinical needs
and level of understanding
•  Facilitate clients’ decision-making and adjustment through the use of counseling
•  Document clinical information in the form of case
•  Maintain professional boundaries and recognize his / her own limitations in
knowledge and abilities
•  Present opportunities for clients to participate in research projects in a manner
that facilitates informed choice
•  Plan, prepare and deliver professional and public education on clinical genetics
and genetic counseling

Transferable skills and personal qualities

•  Communicate effectively with patients, their families, multidisciplinary
professional colleagues, and members of the public
•  Independently gather, sift, synthesize and organize material from various sources
and critically evaluate the extent to which it might contribute to current
developments in genetic counseling
•  Work effectively as a member of a multi-disciplinary team
•  Adopt a positive approach to professional development through reflective
practice, participation in clinical supervision, evaluation, and identifying
opportunities for continuing education
•  Practice genetic counseling adhering to the code of ethics including the central
principles of confidentiality and non-coercion
•  Respond positively and creatively to changes in circumstances
•  Maintain a positive regard for clients and colleagues personal choices within
legal and ethical boundaries
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