Course Content and Outlines
Course Language

The course will be conducted in English

Course Venue

Conférence Center of Clinique du Levant ; President Fouad Chehab Ave., Sin el-Fil,
Beirut – Lebanon.

Course content

The Program is designed to meet the needs of participants from varied
backgrounds.  In addition, the program will contain information about the
magnitude of the genetic disorder problem and its reasons in the Arab world, the
currently available genetic services in the Arab countries, cost-effective
prevention programs as well as genetic counseling from an Islamic perspective

The program content is designed to enable participants to achieve the program
learning outcomes, which in turn are linked to practice based competenties as
defined by Cardiff University and relevant registration bodies e.g. the UK Genetic
Counselors Registration Board.

The course has three components:
•  Genetics Lectures
•  Counseling
•  Clinical scenarios and case discussions

Course Structure for Each Day:

Sessions One and Two: Genetics Lectures 08.30-10.30; 11.00-12.30
Session Three: Counselling 13.30-15.30
Session Three: Clinical scenarios and case discussions 16.00-17.30

Genetics Lectures

Day One:       Mendel and Beyond
                Chromosomes, mitosis and meiosis;
                Patterns of inheritance and Simple Mendelian Risk Calculation
                Taking a family history

Day Two:       DNA, RNA, Protein
                Structure of the Gene;
                Chromosomal disorders: aneuploidy, translocation
                Common chromosomal aneuploidies

Day Three   Types of Mutation
               FISH technology and chromosomal deletion syndromes;
               Newborn Screening Programmes (AC)
               Imprinting and Non-Mendelian inheritance

Day Four      Mutation Detection
               Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis and Screening;
               Cancer Genetics

Day Five      Conditional Probability
               Genetics in Primary Health Care
               Haemoglobinopathies & population screening for recessive disorders;

Day Six        Human Genome Project
               Genetic screening for susceptibility to disease
               Cardiac Genetics


Day One:         Group introductions
                   Agreement about group rules
                   Listening, observing, feedback in triads

Day Two:        Basic counselling skills
                  Defining the agenda
                  Client-led counselling
Day Three:         Giving information, giving advice
                      Professional authority
                      Directiveness, nondirectiveness

Day Four:           Self-awareness: becoming aware of one’s own emotions
               as a professional

Day Five:        Who is the patient ?
                  Families as systems
                  Family pressures
                  Confidentiality and Control

Day Six:        Challenging the patient or client.                
                The value of supervision.
                Putting it all together

Clinical Scenarios and Case Discussions

Day One:        Embryology, Teratology and Hazards in Pregnancy
                  Scenarios for Discussion: (management of pregnancy)
                  Maternal disease (diabetes, epilepsy, PKU)
                  Anomalies on fetal ultrasound scan

Day Two:        Malformation and Dysmorphology
                  Scenarios for Discussion: (the family dimension)
                   New diagnosis of 22q11
                   New diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Day Three:       Huntington’s Disease Prediction
                   Scenarios for Discussion: (privacy and confidentiality)
                   Privacy within the family (including fragile X syndrome)
                   Third party issues (employment, insurance, the state)

Day Four:        Consanguinity and Risks of Genetic Disorders
                   Disability and disease across cultures
                   Scenarios for Discussion:
                   Arranged marriages and genetic testing

Day Five:        Pregestational (Preimplantation) Genetic Diagnosis – PGD
                  Scenarios for Discussion:
                   Limits to consumerism in the reproductive technologies ?
                   Fetal sex selection

Day Six:        Cardiac Genetics, Sudden Death and Genetic Testing
                Scenarios for Discussion:
                Genetic Testing of Children
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