Course Lecturers
The Course will be taught by an internationally renowned Professors:

Professor Angus Clarke

Professor Angus Clarke studied Medical and Natural Sciences in Cambridge, taking
his Part II in Genetics, and then qualified in Medicine from Oxford University in
1979. After registration, he worked in general medicine and then paediatrics. As a
research registrar in the Department of Medical Genetics in Cardiff, he studied the
clinical and molecular genetic aspects of ectodermal dysplasia. Subsequently, he
worked in clinical genetics and paediatric neurology in Newcastle upon Tyne,
developing an interest in Rett syndrome and neuromuscular disorders. He
returned to Cardiff in 1989 as Senior Lecturer in Clinical Genetics. He is now
Professor in Clinical Genetics in Cardiff University. He maintains his interests in
Rett syndrome and ectodermal dysplasia but has also developed interests in
genetic screening, the genetic counselling process and the social and ethical
issues raised by advances in human genetics. He also teaches and works as a
clinician. He represents the Chief Medical Officer for Wales on the Human Genetics
Commission. He has co-authored and edited six books, including “Genetics,
Society and Clinical Practice” (jointly with Professor Peter Harper). He directs the
Cardiff MSc course in Genetic Counselling.

Dr Clara Gaff

Dr Clara Gaff is a Senior Genetic Counsellor with Genetic Health Services Victoria,
Melbourne Australia.  She trained as a genetic counsellor after completing a PhD in
molecular genetics at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne, and conducting
postdoctoral research on chromosome structure at the Murdoch Children’s
Research Institute.  After working in prenatal genetics, she obtained certification
as a genetic counsellor in Australia in 1996 and specialised in cancer genetic
counselling. She managed the Royal Melbourne Hospital Familial Cancer Centre
from its inception until relocating in 2004 to the UK for a position as a Consultant
Genetic Counsellor at the Institute of Medical Genetics at Cardiff University.  In this
joint academic-clinical position, she co-directed the Masters in genetic counselling
program with Prof Angus Clarke and was involved in the development of colorectal
cancer genetic services. Last year, she returned to Melbourne to take up a
position as Professional Leader in genetic counselling.

Dr Gaff has been actively involved in the education of health professionals in
aspects of genetics and genetic counselling.  She wrote a very successful
resource manual for General Practitioners and developed and conducted a series
of workshops for GPs that was shown to significantly improve knowledge, attitudes
and behaviour.  She established a course for oncology nurses in cancer genetics
and has a PhD student evaluating the genetic education needs of midwives.  Clara
holds an appointment as Clinical Associate Professor in the Departments of
Medicine and Paediatrics at The University of Melbourne.  She is a member of the
Genetics Advisory Committee to the Department of Human Services in Victoria,
Australia and Regional Editorial Advisor to the Journal of Genetic Counselling.

Dr Dhavendra Kumar

Editor in Chief of Genomic Medicine and editor of several books from Oxford
University Press.

Dr Alex Murray

Dr Wagdy Sawahel
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