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RASIT is an international non-governmental organization associated with DPI - United Nations
Thanks to your generous support  RASIT jeans 4 genes International
program has made great advances in realizing its aims: public awareness,
research and prevention programs of
genetic disease. We need your
support to continue our mission and help the millions who live with
diseases and scientists.  RASIT takes its responsibility for donor dollars
seriously and works to ensure every dollar is directed to priority areas that
will have a real impact on patients, scientists, and public health.

Thank you for your help. You can choose from a number of easy ways to
donate to RASIT
jeans 4 genes International Program. If you wish to
designate your gift for a particular
project choose from the list of the projects
and please make mention of that when making your contribution.

Donate by
Credit Card

Donate by mail:
Please send cheque/money order (payable to jeans 4 genes) to:
jeans 4 genes International,
PO Box 1557, Rutherford NJ 07070.
Clinique du Levant ; President Fouad Chehab Ave., Sin el-Fil – Lebanon

Please remember to write your name; address on the reverse of the
cheque/money order.

If you have received a jeans 4 genes fund raising pack, please complete and
return the paying-in slip provided, with your reference number, name &
address on the reverse of your cheque/money order.

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