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Hatim's Fund ..
Hatim, an Iraqi Child from Al-Basra region, diagnosed with beta thalassemia
major in 1998.  Due to the years of economic sanction on Iraq (1990-2003),
and then the occupation in 2003, Hatim (like all Iraqi children with genetic
disorders) could not receive the proper treatment, which led to severe

Hatim died in 2004, and many more like Hatim are dying in Iraq because of
the lack of the least required treatment including blood transfusion and iron
chelating therapy.  

beta-Thalassemia is an important health problem in Iraq because of its high
carrier rate and the frequency of consanguineous marriages. Thus, the need
to establish an effective health program is paramount.

Hatim’s Fund is designed to provide proper health care of Iraqi children  
diagnosed with genetic disorders (thalassemia, sickle cell anemia etc).  
Whether in Iraq, or a refugee in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, this Fund is
providing Children of Iraq with genetic disorders with the needed health

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By donating to Hatim’s Fund, you support thousands of Iraqi children who
are most in need. Your generous gift allows us to be a merciful hand for
lifesaving action.

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