Simply wear our jeans on the jeans 4 genes Day and donate some $..

United States of America, jeans 4 genes Day is held on
Valentine's Day of every year, but if you can't make this date simply pick
another - you can hold your fundraising activity on any day of the year!

Arab States, jeans 4 genes Day is to be held on 10th October of
every year.

There are many ways to celebrate
jeans 4 genes Day:

- you could simply wear your jeans and contribute

- purchase a  
jeans 4 genes  badge, Teddy Bear, Coffee Mugs, Candle of
Hope, or T-shirt, from
jeans 4 genes.
the T-shirts and Mugs are unique, made and printed by the Children (Angels)
jeans 4 genes.

- or you could organize some fabulous party themed fundraising events.

Its easy to encourage others to do the same; whether you are supporting the
appeal at school, at work or as an individual.

We have produced free tailored step-by-step fundraising guides & packs
containing everything you would need (including posters, stickers, collection
boxes, etc) to help you organize a jeans 4 genes Day and co-ordinate your
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How can you help?
Your support of jeans 4 genes campaign will help us to  improve
the lives of those affected, and /or speed up the development of
pioneering new therapies..
only together we can make a difference
join us now