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RASIT is an international non-governmental organization associated with DPI - United Nations
Be a Volunteer ..
Want to volunteer your time, but you're not sure where to start? Basically, it
depends a couple of things: your skills, talents, and where the need is

At first, the concept of volunteering is easy. But when you start really
thinking about volunteering, many questions come up that have to be
answered before dedicating your time and energy. Just how much time and
energy do you have to spare? What are your passions? What skills or talents
do you have to offer? What do you want to get out of it? These are all things
that should be considered before diving in.
There is no shortage of need for volunteers, so before jumping in, analyze
your choices to make sure that both your head and heart are in it so that you
can make the biggest impact. And of course, Have Fun!!!

Volunteer your skills:
Do you have professional skills or special knowledge that can be put to
good use? Perhaps you would be a great grant writer, or a quality event
organizer. Perhaps you’re a skilled interpreter or have useful connections in
the community. You could also volunteer your knowledge or experience by
donating your time to be on panels for educational purposes.
You can Volunteer for an hour, a day, a weekend; or a week.

Joining RASIT and its jeans 4 genes International Program can be a
rewarding experience. Whether you assist in projects operations, patient and
family service, public events, or fundraising activities which benefit the lives
of so many in our community, you will represent an organization (RASIT) that
has been invaluable to human wellbeing for more than 37 years.

To become a volunteer, simply send your up-to-date CV and a covering letter
indicating your interest.  Please send required information to: Sally Evans at if in the USA; or to Hiyam Sujud at if in the Middle East.

You will be interviewed by the Director of jeans 4 genes International
Program. Prior to training and placement, you are required to attend a
volunteer orientation session. Every effort will be made to place you in areas
suited to your special skills or talents. Whatever your capabilities, your
volunteer service will be a valuable contribution to RASIT jeans 4 genes
International Program.